Saturday, February 21, 2009

Christmas 2008

The first leg of our Christmas travels took place in San Antonio at Yaya and Grandads house. We got to see Aunt Mel, cousin Lane, Grandma Corkey, Aunt June, Grandma Leda and Grandad Amos - it was a house full!!! Before we even started opening up presents, Owen had passed out. Miss Lane took a ride around the house in her little wagon.

The next stop was at Uncle Jim and Aunt Stacy's house in Fort Worth. Pops, Uncle Nick and Aunt Jennifer were also there to celebrate with us. Trey got a motorized four wheeler from Pops for Christmas. This is by far our new favorite toy!! He FINALLY learned how to steer which is a huge relief to our walls and furniture!

Our last stop was at the ranch in Possum Kingdom. Bop Bop, Nick, Jennifer, Jim, Stacy, Uncle Bill, Billie and my cousin Jimmy were all there with us - talk about a packed house!

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